> that focuses on judging students instead of inspiring and motivating them to learn more

Strong agree about this.

Though I wonder whether is because the teachers themselves are judged by KPIs 🤔

At least this is true in the education system in my country.

maybe there's a goldilocks zone where there's just enough judgement (regardless of teachers or students) to maintain minimum standards of accountability while allowing enough space for inspiration to take place organically

Reminds me of some old proverb about pulling plants to help them grow faster being counterproductive

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sorry to hear about you daughter's incident.

Elon is sponsoring a new school system, worth checking out https://www.synthesis.com

Also you might find interesting this article https://erikhoel.substack.com/p/why-we-stopped-making-einsteins

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Great essay! So important to encourage a growth mindset over a fixed mindset.

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